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29+ Best Thesis Child Skins for Thesis Theme

Thesis 2+ Skins were totally furnished with expert Framework which was evaluated for SEO Optimized and fast loading time.  You are absolutely stepping your foot forward with this item. Remember before you purchase those any one of skins, you should have a Thesis License to snatch any of these wonderful searching skins for Thesis Theme.

You can download the license pack here.

Note: All the skins which you see below are fully compatible with Thesis 2+. You no need to add any plugin for Optimization. All the skins are optimized in the Skin Package itself.

List of Thesis Child Skins:

1. Simple News Responsive Thesis Skin:

This Simple News Thesis Skin was designed like a boxed width using a simple shadow effect covered with. No special Jquery is used in this skin, so the loading time of the skin is super fast. Its an apt skin for News purpose. In Google Page Speed it reaches 91% speed.


Demo | Details

2. Beauty News Magazine Responsive Thesis Skin:

Beauty News Magazine Thesis Skin is a beautiful Thesis Skin with more than 10 Category Section in the front page. There are two optin boxes and 3 advertisement section in the front page too. Entire things are occupied in the front page that would be very interesting for the audience.


Demo | Details

3. Craft Responsive Business Parallax Thesis Skin:

Craft is a business thesis skin with simple parallax scrolling at the top optin section. A pop up video section is included in the top most section of the front page. Additional to this, there is a tabbed menu in both horizontal and vertical design for various purpose. Everything has an unique design functionality. It reaches 90% in google page speed without any plugin.


Demo | Details

4. Tuner Responsive Blog Thesis Skin:

Tuner is another beautiful Blog Thesis Skin. It has a beautiful welcome optin section at the top of the home page. It has 100% validation in both HTML5 and CSS3. It reaches 93% top in google page speed.


Demo | Details

5. Boxed Responsive Business Thesis Skin:

Boxed is specially designed for Boxed width lovers. And this is the first Business Thesis Skin we are launching with Boxed width with body background image. If you check the demo you could see the difference. It has fast loading with 92% in Google page speed and 99% perfect grade in Pingdom Tools.


Demo | Details

6. Animmagz Responsive Thesis Magazine Skin:

Animmagz is an Magazine Thesis Skin with animatic owl carousel which displays 10 latest post at the top. Its an three column template which can use 3 different layouts. Saying about the page speed and validation it ranks 90% and above in google page speed, gt metrix and pingdom tools. 100% validation in HTML5 and CSS3 checker.


Demo | Details

7. Brilli Responsive Business Thesis Skin:

Brilli Thesis Skin is mostly used for Personal Business purpose. The Person who get this skin can use their own image with email subscription as shown in the demo at the top and this is the main feature of the skin. And also its loading speed is good with 92% speed in Google Page Speed and 97% perfect grade in pingdom tools.


Demo | Details

8. Small Business Responsive Thesis Skin:

Small Business is a simple business thesis skin with simple features. It was created for small business people who wants to list few things about their business with few articles. The skin was totally fast loading with 93% in Google Page Speed and 99% perfect grade in Pingdom tools.


Demo | Details

9. Unique Business Parallax Thesis Skin:

Unique Business Skin is a first Business parallax design implemented in buythesisskins.com. It was quite unique from all other Business Thesis Skins. It has fast loading with 93% in Google page speed and 100% perfect grade in Pingdom Tools.


Demo | Details

10. Minima Back Responsive Blog Thesis Skin:

Minima is the short form of Minimalist Thesis Skin. A very less weight skin was specially designed for Thesis Bloggers with fast loading page. Because of many Bloggers request, we have designed this special Minima Back Skin.


Demo | Details

11. Re Entry Responsive Blog Thesis Skin:

Re-Entry Blog Thesis Skin is really a cool theme for every bloggers. Most of the Bloggers will like this Skin because of color combination. And you can select multiple color combination for the entire skin by clicking a single button to change the entire color. And it reaches 90% in Google Page Speed as well as 99% perfect grade in Pingdom tools.


Demo | Details

12. Nuluk Blog Responsive Thesis Skin:

Finally, we have created a New Look Thesis Skin with a name called Nuluk. It has a fixed left side container having Menu, Logo and Social Follow. If you check this skin in Page speed tools, it reaches above 95% in Google page speed and 100% perfect grade in Pingdom Tools.


Demo | Details

13. Iammag Responsive Magazine Thesis Skin:

Iammag is one of a unique slider concept Magazine Thesis Skins with lot of features. It was quite animatic through out without using jqueries. The advance feature of this site is, it reaches 100% perfect grade in Pingdom Tools.


Demo | Details

14. Sports Magazine Responsive Thesis Skins:

Sports is one of a best entertainment for audience in the current and upcoming days. Many of them loves to share the current sports news updates in web via facebook, twitter. But some of the bloggers wants the reader to come their website and read the passage about sports is now a trend. So, for those bloggers we have created such a wonderful Thesis Skin.


Demo | Details

15. Power Blog Responsive Thesis Skin:

Power Blog is really a powerful responsive Thesis Skin mainly designed for bloggers. The Blogger people will really like this wonderful skin, because of well designed and well featured aspects. As per the default Thesis Options, this skin also applicable for everything that Thesis already has.


Demo | Details

16. Curty Responsive Magazine Thesis Skin:

Curty is a beautiful magazine skin basically designed for news publishers. The people who are interested in publishing news can use this skin. It has 5 different category box with 5 latest news section at the top.


Demo | Details

17. Newshero Responsive Magazine Thesis Skin:

Newshero, really a hero of our Skins. A Central Box shaped News Magazine Thesis Skin with various features. A Clean rich look Skin has a advance feature of Rotating Breaking News which uniquely shows the difference when you use this skin. Additional to this, there are some other features like 5 Different Category section, top latest section, Social Media Icons, Social Sharing and popular posts section.


Demo | Details

18. Havezine Responsive News Magazine Thesis Skin:

Havezine skin is used for News Magazine Purpose. Those who likes their site to be unique, then it was an apt one. It has several features with sliders, tabbed widget for categories, Editors Picks, Popular Posts, Recently Updated posts and also the optin section.


Demo | Details

19. Tiredpro Responsive Blog Thesis Skin:

Tiredpro is a rich look Thesis Skin specially designed for Bloggers around the web world. The skin was focused with Newsletter(Optin) which will give more followers to your blog or to download anything. Have a look and entertain.


Demo | Details

20. Extractor Responsive Business Thesis Skin:

The name kept for this skin as Extractor because, this business thesis skin has “Extra” features that you might see in demo. This Thesis Skin supports woocommerce plugin which is integrated in the code itself. This skin was really suitable for your business purpose.


Demo | Details

21. Ertica Responsive Magazine Thesis Skin:

Ertica, is a beautiful magazine responsive thesis skin with highlighting optin section at the top right side of the home page. Those who are interested to show their Email Subscription section to focus on people, then it is apt one. Not only that, it has beautiful single page section that would really like by your audience. Moreover, its load time, page speed, image optimization are specially coded.


Demo | Details

22. Smuthy Responsive Blog Thesis Skin:

Smuthy, is really a smooth style feeling thesis skin. It was specially designed for Bloggers who were discussing or wants to discuss about their information to share on World Wide.

Demo | Details

23. Ungma Responsive Business Thesis Skin

A Clean Responsive Business Thesis Skin was built for Business Purpose. This business skin was less coded with compressed Jquery which leads your website more faster.

Demo | Details

24. Newsgarden Responsive Magazine Thesis Skins

A clean Newsgarden Magazine Thesis Skin for your news niche. The skin was fully optimized with special SEO.

Demo | Details

25. Exprezz News Responsive Magazine Thesis Skins

A very impressive News Magazine Thesis Skin you would ever seen before. This skin was specially designed for both magazine lovers and for news papers.

Demo | Details

26. Avanzer Blog Responsive Thesis Skins

Avanzer Responsive Blog Thesis Skin is a community of Blog template users.

Demo | Details

27. Razer Responsive Magazine Thesis Skin

Multiple Category section with neat magazine thesis skin which was created for Thesis Theme 2.

Demo | Details

28. Seo Pro Responsive Blog Thesis Skin

A very very simple Blog Thesis Skin for SEO Lovers.

Demo | Details

29. Newsclick Responsive Magazine Thesis Skin

The skin was mostly used for news purpose and focused with news and magazine category.

Demo | Details

30. Aweness Responsive Business Thesis Skin

Aweness Responsive Business Thesis Skin is a perfect google lover business thesis skin.

Demo | Details

31. Buy Free Responsive Thesis Skins

Buy Free is a Thesis Skin for general bloggers and podcasters.

Demo | Details

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