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Free Thesis 2.1 Multi-Color Breadcrumb Box

Importance of Breadcrumb in SEO

A Breadcrumb is a kind of Secondary Navigation Scheme in a web Application and its additionally helps in SEO because its an another way of Internal Linking concept. Also the Web Crawler will realize that we are using different pages on our website.

Most probably, a visitor from the world who would not come to a specific page directly from Home page. While searching it from Search Engine for a particular keyword, he/she will enter into our page. Breadcrumb will show the right path like an hierarchy with a proper navigation path, so the user can look at other content on our site.

Features of Multi-color Breadcrumb Thesis Box:

  • You can change your own color for the Breadcrumb Box.

Download the box and enjoy using the box which is 100% free.

If you need any other thesis boxes, just contact me or comment via below comment box.

How to install Thesis 2 Multi-Color Breadcrumb Box

Steps to be followed to install Recent Comments with Avatar Image.

1. Go to Thesis -> Manage Boxes -> Upload Box -> Choose File ->> Add Box -> Enable -> Save Boxes

2. Then Go to Thesis -> Skin Editor-> Select “BTS Breadcrumb Box” from right side drop down box -> Add Box


3. Drag and Drop the BTS Breadcrumb Box by pressing shift button and place in the editor section below post content section or somewhere else you wish.

4.Then Go to Thesis -> Skin Content-> BTS Breadcrumb Box -> Edit the box




Download the box here

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