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Free Thesis 2.1 Recent Comments with Avatar Image Box

I don’t feel good with internal feature of widget section using Recent Comments.  What the thread reveals is only the post of the title and readers name who comment. But the face of the readers is not supposed to display in the predefined widgets. Interestingly, most of the bloggers loves to display the recent comments section with reader’s avatar image. While discussing with great bloggers, they asked me to create something with avatar in recent comments section. So I have started creating this box for those who love recent comments with avatar image.

Features of Recent Comments with Avatar Image Box:

  • Easy to change the Avatar Image Size option in Skin Content
  • Easy customization.

Download the box and enjoy using the box which is 100% free.

If you need any other thesis boxes, just contact me or comment via below comment box.

Thesis 2.1 Recent Comments with Avatar Image Box:

Steps to be followed to install Recent Comments with Avatar Image.

1. Go to Thesis -> Manage Boxes -> Upload Box -> Choose File ->> Add Box -> Enable -> Save Boxes

2. Then Go to Thesis -> Skin Editor-> Select “Recent Comments Box with Avatar Image” from right side drop down box -> Add Box


3. Drag and Drop theRecent Comments Box with Avatar Image by pressing shift button and place in the editor section below post content section or somewhere else you wish.

4.Then Go to Thesis -> Skin Content-> Recent Comments Box with Avatar Image -> Edit the box





Download Recent Comments with Avatar Image



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