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Free Thesis 2 Multi-Color Top Commentators Box

Why we designed this Top Commentators Thesis Box?

One of a user sends a request to create this box, because his blog contains lots of commentators engaging among the contents on his website. He wishes to show the top 5 commentators avatar image and his name with counts to list in the sidebar of his website. Also he says, with this box, the commentator’s entry will be high in his website. Huh, what a trick.

Whether your website has lot of commentators like what he had, here is a free box you can download and have a try to get lot of commentators.

As per his request, I have created this wonderful multi-colored with various options Top Commentators Thesis Box. He indicates, he would change the color, avatar size and font size in future. So, as per his wish we have made all those things.

Whether you need any of the Boxes like this? Just Contact Us

Thesis 2 Multi-Color Top Commentators Box:

Steps to be followed to install Multi-Color Top Commentators box:

1. Go to Thesis -> Manage Boxes -> Upload Box -> Choose File -> -> Add Box -> Enable -> Save Boxes

2. Then Go to Thesis -> Skin Editor -> Select “BTS Top Commentators Box” from right side drop down box -> Add Box


3. Drag and Drop the BTS Top Commentators Box by pressing shift button and place it on the sidebar or wherever you need.

4. Then Go to Thesis -> Skin Content -> BTS Top Commentators Box -> Change the color, avatar size and font size as per your wish.





Download the box

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