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How to install woo commerce plugin in Thesis Skins

Woocommerce installation:

• Woocommerce Installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t even need to leave your web browser.
• To install Woocommerce, Just log in to your dashboard
• Then go to Plugins > Add New
• There you will find search field. In that type “Woocommerce”. There you will find woocommerce plugins.


• Now you can install it by simply clicking Install Now. After clicking that button you will be asked if you’re sure you want to install the plugin. Click “yes” and WordPress will automatically complete the installation.
• Now click Activate Plugin to activate the WooCommerce plugin in your site


• After Activating, you will be asked to install wooCommerce pages. Just click the Install Woocommerce pages. It will affect all the pages.



How to add product in wooCommerce

• Adding a simple product is a straight forward process and not too dissimilar from authoring a standard WordPress post. In the Products menu click Add Product; you will be presented with a familiar interface, and should immediately see where to type the product title and full description.




How to add product data

• Product Data tab set. This is where the majority of the product data is input.
• SKU – stock keep unit, used to track products. Must be unique, and should be named so it does not clash with post ID’s.
• Price:
 Regular Price – The item’s main price.
 Sale Price – The item’s sale price.


Inventory tab

• The inventory tab allows you to manage stock for the product individually and define whether to allow back orders.


Shipping tab

• Weight – Weight of the item.
• Dimensions – Length, width, and height for the item.
• Shipping Class – Shipping classes are used by certain shipping methods to group similar products.

Attributes tab

• On the attributes tab you can assign attributes to a product. You will see a select box containing any global attribute sets you may have created.
• Once you have selected an attribute from the select box, click add and you will be able to apply the terms attached to that attribute to the product.
• You can choose to hide the attribute on the frontend by simply leaving the ‘Visible’ checkbox unticked.
• Custom attributes can be applied here too by choosing ‘Custom product attribute’ from the select box.


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