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Pixel Perfect Typography in Thesis Skins


Typography is the art of communication. It is the most important element for creating a website. Typography does’nt only insists on font selection. The column size, paddings, fonts, line height and width all affects one another. All the above mentioned factors must be neatly calibrated so that the reading will be enhanced.  Today’s web typographers make their readers and visitors clearly understand and connect with words, ideas and information what they really seek. This is what typography does.

Why typography is very important???

It conveys the feeling to people more keenly. It makes people to keep on reading. “Consistency” is an important factor which keeps the look professional and makes the visitor or reader focused on the content not formatting while visiting the users’ website. “Hierarchy” is the other factor which helps the visitor to read the words which should be read first. Last but not least “alignment “is the factor which makes the user feels comfortable while reading the texts. A flush left or flush right alignment gives the line a stronger edge for the user to follow. It also gives a sophisticated look than the centered alignment, which is often the choice of typography beginners.


“Pixel perfect typography” and “Visual Clarity” are the important ideas which thesis applies on its theme which makes thesis the most versatile theme on the word press market. Thesis has been designed to look great on any web browser and any resolution by using an em-based approach to element sizing so that the users content is automatically and intelligently optimized for his audience no matter what type of settings he add to provide a beautiful theme. This gives the option to the user for automatically changing the font with a single mouse click through innovatively designed panel. The design panel gives the user ultimate typographic customization by letting him every single font to be displayed in his site. The user can customize different font settings for his site’s Body, Content Area, Navigation Menu, Header, Headlines, Bylines, Multimedia Box, Sidebars, and Footer. On top of that, the user can also select the font size for each of these page elements.

THESIS 2 helps the user to adjust everything automatically. This is done by the formula called “GOLDEN TRIANGLE”. The typography and font selections that the user can choose without doing any coding and  just a couple more reasons why the Thesis Word Press Theme is the ultimate solution for creating the themes for life. The theme buyer must understand how typography is important while creating a website. It is important phenomenon for the visitor to stay or to leave the webpage within seconds. Thesis remembers everything while designing the theme for the users to make their visitors to stay without leaving in a glance.


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