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Smuthy Responsive Blog Thesis Child Theme


Smuthy, is really a smooth style feeling thesis skin. It was specially designed for Bloggers who were discussing or wants to discuss about their information to share on World Wide. This Thesis Skin has every features that the blog should be. For eg: Popular Posts, Recently updated posts, Random Posts, Trending, Editors Picks and Latest News. It also has contributors section, so that blogs contributors list will automatically shown.

A Quick overview for Smuthy Responsive Thesis Skins:

1. Header Section:

  • Logo
  • Search Box
  • Left Side Menu

2. Content Section:

  • Slider Section
  • Latest News
  • Trending News
  • Popular Post
  • Numbered Pagination
  • Contributors
  • Editors Picks
  • One Advertisement Section

3. Sidebar Section:

  • Recently Updated Post
  • Social Follow Buttons
  • Optin Section
  • Random Post
  • Advertisement Section

4. Footer Section:

  • Replacable Widgets
  • Footer Removal Attribution

5. Single Page:

  • Related Posts
  • Social Sharing Box

What about speed of the site in Google Page Speed, GT Metrix and Pingdom Tools?

Google Page Speed:

  • 87% in google page speed
  • No plugins used for getting passed in Google.

Note: If you find while checking in google and it displays below 85%, then it’s due to “Server Response Time”. It may vary depending upon Hosting and traffic.

GT Metrix:

  • 97% Page Speed Grade

Pingdom Tools:

  • 99% Perfect Grade


  • 100% in HTML5 and CSS3 Validation


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