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Thesis Boxes

Free Thesis 2.1 Google+ Comment Box

Like Facebook Comment box, link your Google+ comment box into your thesis skins. Reason is because, after the introduction of google algorithm “Hummingbird”,  google is focusing and giving importance to user’s engagement and social shares(facebook, twitter, google+ etc.). SEO experts might know the importance of google+ that the google was giving more priority to google+ [...]

How to install Thesis Framework, Thesis Skins and Thesis Boxes in wordpress?

There is actually three process you should proceed with, 1. You should first go on with Wordpress installation. 2. Install Thesis Framework. 3. Finally, install Thesis Skin package and Thesis Boxes Package. How to Install WordPress WordPressInstallation : There are normally four steps to install WordPress Download the WordPress Installation package. Upload the WordPress files [...]

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