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Thesis 2.1 Skins and Thesis 2.0 Skins variations


Thesis is more than a word press team with wonderful people who are dedicated to building better website. With thesis leading the way themes took a turn for the positive by focusing less on idiosyncratic design and more on SEO, performance, and flexibility. The success of this approach led the market to demand theme “frameworks”


Various tools are needed for the development inside the browser; thesis 2.1 has freed the user from the need to have a text editor and FTP client just to work on his site. To eliminate the need for an external text editor, thesis2.1 contain  a new Custom CSS screen that includes syntax highlighting, find/replace capabilities, and a live site preview You can upload Skins and Boxes directly through the Thesis interface, and as we’ve already seen, you can edit CSS directly in your browser. . Instead of an omnibus options page, Thesis 2.1 is thoughtfully arranged along lines relevant to the user. Critical site management tools are conveniently located in one place such as Google Analytics and Google Authorship. Unlike site management tools, most of the user’s interaction with Thesis will come in the form of setting Skin options or tweaking his design. Because of this, thesis 2.1 has placed these frequently-accessed options in the Skin submenu, where the user can find them quickly and easily. With its patent-pending color picker and updated golden ratio typography, Thesis 2.1 can help the user to design the perfect site. The color picker is especially good, because it combines new Color Scale technology and complementary colors to bring the user nearly infinite color scheme potential. And after a minute or two of messing with this thing, user will be a color genius. And naturally, no Thesis update would be complete without some typographical advances. Not only can Thesis 2.1 tune the typography and spacing of the user’s entire layout, but it can also tune the specific fonts what the user is using

Some might call this as “magic,” but for Thesis, it’s just another day at the office.


The user can uninstall the All in One SEO Pack or SEO plugin he is currently using. Thesis 2.0 comes fully equipped with all the SEO tools that the user need. . Page load time is a big factor in Google’s SEO algorithm these days, so anything the user can do to speed his site will improve your search engine rankings, and help you get more traffic. This Thesis 2.0 boxes, will enable the user to uninstall his slow-loading plugins. Once if the user has figured out what limitless customization means he can customize anything in his blog if he is using this thesis 2.0.

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